Opening hours directory type template on Themeforest

Hi all, I’m pretty new on this forum so please bear with me :slight_smile: I’m planning to create and launch a UK based online directory for small local businesses with the main function being to show the opening times of thousands of businesses (similar to this but focused on local, small businesses, instead of bigger retailers like in my example). The website would have to be Wordpress - possibly with a custom plugin that pulls information from a third party data source. I’ve spent nearly all day today digging on ThemeForest, but I couldn’t find a theme that can provide a similar functionality and also a similar look - does anyone here have experience with this, and can you please guide me on what I should do? Are you aware of such WP template? I know custom software development would be the optimal solution, but we don’t have tens of thousands of pounds for it, and if there is a template that can help us with this, I would be super happy. Many thanks in advance. Ben


you can purchased directory listing theme from here

chose any best one and hire a freelancer to make it as you required by customizing the theme.


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Thank you. I’ll dig into the list, and try to find something that fits our purpose. I’ll keep you updated on how it went :slight_smile:

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That is a pretty custom solution - although most listing themes would help you get part of the way there.

You do understand the complexity and cost of the hosting, security etc. you are going to need to have too right?


Yes, I think I’ll go with a basic shared hosting until the website will become popular, and then we can move to a better server… would that make sense?

It would, but even then some shared hosting will struggle with heavier WP themes and directories