Basic Wordpress Local Community Directory theme

Hi all,
WordPress newbie! Looking for a basic Wordpress Local Community Directory theme that just has categories and simple entries (name, type, phone, email, web etc) with no pictures for each entry. This is a non-commercial site (meaning I don’t charge for entries and is done on a best efforts basis).

Option of businesses self adding/updating. Option for “Premium businesses” who can pay for higher priority/visibility and possibly pictures.

Good support for installation/setup essential.

Most of themes I’ve looked at are way too complicated and busy for this simple purpose.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

Many thanks in advance

Can anyone help me? Please? :slight_smile:

I know that the astoundify folks do a pretty good directory theme:

Thanks Matthew. I agree it’s nice but way too over-functioned for what I’m looking for. Thanks for the recommendation though:-)

The issue that you will have is that something that raw and simple probably wouldn’t cut it on a premium marketplace hence why many are more complicated.

Also as you mentioned you want the more advanced functionality for premium users so finding something super simple is unlikely to have the tiered level of functionality and options.

You could probably find a plugin to create something like it but that would require the skills to set it up and configure everything and you’d need to check that it has the capacity to extend into more premium features.

If you have the budget then you could look on for a freelancer to create something for you.

Thanks Charlie - I can see your point.

I did actually purchase a theme previously that was supposed to be able to be ‘dumbed down’ through configuration, but that turned out not to be the case.

Don’t really want to go down the freelancer path - I’d like to build (configure) it myself if I can.

I might see if some of the higher end ones can have some of the functionality turned off to start with.

Thanks again for your advice.

There are some (only on phone so can’t check properly) incl a lawyer one that looks like you could simply disable the profile image using some CSS and it would look clean and minimal

Sorry Charlie - I didn’t get a notification (or must have missed it) that you’d replied.
Can you point me at a few potentials - I don’t really know how to identify them from the hundreds of thousands of themes out there:-)
I can then start investigating them specifically.
Many thanks!