Looking for a listing/directory wp theme...

Hi. I need a theme similar to Listable or Mycity, BUT I need to assign special offers to the different business during the week. For example: Happy Hour Beers 2x1 from 17:00 to 19:00 all Mondays (website would be orientated to bars/restaurants).

Then at the home the user can both browse for business in town or filter by day of the week (or month), showing all the business which have a special deal/activity (happy hour, karaoke, foam party, beerpong, etc) for that day.

It may be too much to ask? Maybe some plugin can do it in the themes I mentioned previously?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @korsso ,

You will don’t find out of box solution but it can be made. I have made plenty similar sites with Listify template. That is very good template for what you need and it can be customized by your wish.

Hi @Zaccc,

Thanks for your reply, please feel to to make me a proposal by private message.