Directory Listing + Booking theme for website + app. HELP ME FIND IT!

Hey guys,

In short, I want to build a similar website + app as and I am looking for a theme or a way to do it. For now it will be a MVP so a theme would work for what I need.

The idea is the same as the mentioned example, the difference is that there will be freelancers providing the beauty services at the clients home. Do you guys have any suggestions for me for a theme and app that would work for my needs? Thank you in advance!

You do t find something exactly the same as that example site (which is most likely a six figure platform now).

There are some directories that could help get started such as (of course these will need editing to your requirements and content.

It’s pretty unusual to find themes which also come purpose created and paired it apps (in the literal sense), although most will be mobile friendly