Theme recommendation for Directory & Listing website.

Hello there,
I hope everyone is having a great day.
I am working for a client on a Directory Listing website.
I need a good theme for that website.
The site will list beauty and spa related business. We must have these requirements:

  1. The theme needs to have an appointment booking system for each vendor.
  2. The theme must have an option to add products for each vendor so that they can sell products from their listing page and get payments.

The recommendation will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

take a look on this page hope you will found your chosen item

you can try with mylisting, it is build with woocommerce, so it will be helpful for added multi-vendor

Thank you.

Thank you for the recommendation.

We have a different recommendation for you.
Assume mobile app + WordPress backend instead of an only fronted-end website.
That based on appointment system and Directory & Listing.
You maybe want to check here: