Please help me to choose the right theme

Hi guys, I’m looking for the right all in one WP theme to purchase. I need a theme for a classifieds listings or directory which is easy to setup as I am not a professional and only done two WP websites before (online-shop and a blog)
The new listings website needs to have the following main features:

  • easy setup
  • members profiles
  • packages pricing
  • it has to show the listings to all visitors but the contact details to premium members only
  • rating system
  • messaging system
    also different payment methods, recaptcha and so on
    An IOS and Android app would be nice as well :slight_smile:

There are so many themes that I’m really getting confused. Was looking at the Adforest, Wilcity, Mylisting and Listify… which do you think would be best for my needs? Or is there any other more suitable theme you would recommend?
Thx a lot!!


You can try here spending some time to find your chosen theme


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I have spent hours on it already :blush: but the more I search for the right theme, the more I get confused :frowning: That is why I asked for help here. Do you think the Wilcity theme would cover all I need? When I try to contact the support, it is only possible if I already bought this theme… Thx a lot

I think you can go with Wilcity and if need you can integrate plugins to meet any further functionality. Also before purchasing you can ask any query to theme Author going to Comments tab. After purchase you will get 6 month free suport to know about theme functionality and technical query etc. Thanks

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