New to Wordpress - I have a question

I have several questions but am not sure where I ask them - HELP
I need a theme that has a booking Calendar, password private client gallery, Age restricted Portfolio pages, in private gallery need to make buying prints from a session possible etc a store - campaigns etc

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Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

You have to spend some time for find out your one. Take a look on this page hope will helpful for you



You will nor find all that in one template. You will need to use combination template and plugins .
And maybe some custom coding.

well ■■■■ - hmmmm ok I don’t really even know where to begin - with coding and using parts of themes - I appreciate the 411

Hi @SmarttPhotog

In this case will be better if you hire a freelancer who will take this responsibility to meet your demand.

You can hire freelancer from here if you would like:


May we suggest you something rather then only a theme?
Please check here: