Need a directory, listing template

I need a directory, listing template.
I have seached worpress directory listing themes but I couldn’t find good for me.

on this link,
I can navigate may seach with sidebar. I can refine my search. And when I change my options, results automaticaly appear .
there is also view options .

I couldn’t find any theme which works like that link.

I need help about this for my directory, listing project.

waiting helps, thanks…

I am happy to help you with this.
Please let me know details.
I can make you website according to your needs

Best Regards

Thanks for your answer.

I am looking for a wordpress which I can manage easily.
looking for a directory, listing web site for my project.

I have found a few hmlt template which I may use, update it.
But if it is html, it is not easiy for my to manage it.
that is why I am looking wordpress

How do you help me, we may continue then…


no problem
I can help you in any case if its html or word press i can create you a portal from where you can upload ,edit or remove the listing so let me know which we use.
I an make it simple and easy as possible that you can use it with ease.

Best Regards

If you have a realistic budget then have a look at

These are vetted freelancers and you would get a degree of official protection which you may not otherwise have.


  • anyone willing to build a custom directory theme for less than thousands of $ is not someone you want to work with

  • you need to consider the cost of quite robust hosting and security to run a site like that properly

  • you also need to think about updates etc and who/how that would be managed.