Looking for classifieds template for users to list products for sale

Hi all,

Have just spent an hour browsing classified templates and couldn’t find what i’m looking for. They all look fantastic but a lot of them are geared towards being a directory classified with mapping etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a classifieds template that has a nice modern design that will allow me to achieve the following:

  1. Be free to my users (this is a non-monetized website)
  2. Allow them to post an item for sale on my website
  3. Allow buyers to view items for sale and contact the seller privately to arrange purchase
  4. Have great filtering options, including price filtering
  5. Have a great modern design that supports background video, large jumbo hero images and great product grid designs with mouseovers, ‘like’ buttons, ‘watching buttons’ and time stamp info etc.



90% of all ads templates have all that what you have write. So I don’t see problem to find what you need.
And if you need something else you can use plugins or customize template.