Need Help in searching for Template



hello,i’m new to these stuff and i wanted to find a specific type of template for website but i dont know what category or keyword should i search for,so i’ll just explain as much as i can and i’ll be grateful if anyone can guide me.
the thing i want my website to become is a website which people can submit requests for buying stuff online which they cant get their hands on them cause of any reason. for example someone wants to buy a keyboard from amazon but the seller doesn’t send that keyboard to the customer’s country,so the customer goes to my website and submit the link/picture/details,then i’ll receive those info so i’ll create an invoice and then she/he will pay that invoice.also i want users to be able to register on website so they can add their information and access their order history.
forgive me if my explanations are confusing but i dont know even how to start looking for the right template.



You will not find out of box solution. You will need to use combination template , plugins and some custom code.


sry to ask but can you tell me what should i look for? i mean what kind of template,plugins and stuff?

i just want something simple and useful,not something very fancy.


You can use any template. If you want something simple make contact form list with all info you need and after that you can send invoice over Paypal and that is all. Other options you will need to make custom made site.
You will hardly find that out of box.