HTML Template Recommendation Please



I am looking for recommendations for a top quality HTML theme/template which should:-

  • Be extremely cleanly designed using Bootstrap and not too much in the way of custom frameworks.
  • Have lots of premade design elements presented as sections for easy re-use.
  • I love themes like Edena and Mist (I have bought these), but Ideally looking for something a bit lighter/easier to work with.
  • Have clean navigation menus. I don’t like the menu systems in Eg Porto. I really like the menus in Edena - very clear and clean

Thanks for any recommendations


I love that! Its REALLY nice and pretty much exactly what I was looking for - but it is a single page template… I need something that I can make larger sites ( >12 pages ) with.

I’ll probably end up getting that one anyway though, its really good.

Do you know of any that are like that but multipage?



Yes, I realise that I can stitch one pagers together to create a multipage site. As clean and fresh as the design is, for a one pager, I was hoping for something that would include a large repertoire of pre-made sections more typically found in the multipage templates where there are different page types to be populated.

Will def consider this theme for my next one pager though… it has wonderfully clean feel to it.


Any one else with some other suggestions?



No thanks. Don’t like them… not what I was looking for at all.


I’d recommend anything by @medium_rare1 here. These guys have their own page builder which is solidly constructed, offers tons of options and layouts and will save you hours of time.

Depending on what style you want e.g. more corporate or more creative then Foundry and Partner are both excellent.

Another option for high class coding and stand out design are @ThemeMountain here. Again all their files are solid but Balzac, Warhol, and Sartre would give you a choice range across different styles.