Necessary steps to make a Blog of a Template work...

Hey there. I bought several templates on Envato. Now, I want to use the blog section of a nice template that I found. Including all like, share, comment and counter functions. In detail: Once the viewer reads the article and clicks the like function, comments or shares I want the counter on all pages - like on the “blog_overview.html” or in the header section of the article itself - to act accordingly and show all likes in numbers. and of course I want the comment function to work properly as well…


I would appreciate it, if someone knew about the how’s, what’s and where’s.



Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately THIS author is unreachable and doesn’t respond to any messages. I already filed a ticket for that :frowning: and that was almost 1 month ago. I think its understandable that I cannot wait an eternity for an answer.

So I need someone else to tell me about a solution for this…

I hope this is the right place for stuff like that.


To make “comment function” and “counter” you will need somehow to store your data. In this case you will need database - to add/read/update content (number of likes, comments text …). In other words, to transform your static HTML template in dynamic one.

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Well, thanks. Any idea of where to find somebody that is capable of this task?

You can get in touch with WordPress who can help you out from your issue
At Envato Studion as a Envato Freelancer Platform.

Hmm. I am not sure if that is the answer to my initial question… I don’t want any Wordpress or Joomla or any other cms based website. I simply want to have all functions on my blog on my website to be implemented and working.

I basically don’t want to turn my website into a dynamic website if I don’t have to.

So back to my initial question: How can I get the blog on my website to work and to be interactive across all html pages?


I have already provide you answer on this. And yes, you can try to use Envato Studio but probably you will need to search in PHP category - or maybe this . You don’t need to convert your site in WP or any other CMS but you will need to add a database.

Probably this customization will cost you more than usual price of WordPress theme.