How many times to refund any items?

I submitted request to refund but this process in progress very long time :relieved::relieved::relieved:. Please help me the item download is zero.

Hi @Deba2777,

if the author does not respond to the refund request within 7 days, you will be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato. This option should appear automatically as a link or button on the refund request details page after 7 days from the refund requested date.


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All ready 8 days over. Sir.

You can raise a dispute with Envato (I wrote it in the above reply). Envato support team will investigate the refund request and will take steps as necessary.


I raise a dispute with Envato, then how many times to make refund.

It’s difficult to say. It depends on the volume of the open tickets. but dispute can take some more time support team have to check in details. please keep patience. Thanks