I would like to get my refund.

I bought one item two times and I am waiting for the refund for some time now.

Hi @MilanDevelopment

Please see this Help Center article on how to request a refund:

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Perfect thank you. I did it already twice and that is why I post this topic! Thank you!

It’s the weekend so there maybe a slower response time, but no worries, they always get to tickets as fast as humanly possible!

Cheers and all the best! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

Thank you very much! I still don’t have an answer… what should I do because this is not the first time it happens so I don’t want to lose €100,-

Check out the refund screen. If the author haven’t responded yet, you should be able to raise a dispute with Envato support.

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Thank you very much. I did this and now will wait!

For how long do I have to wait? It is three days now.

Hi @MilanDevelopment,

When you sent refund request hope you just selected ‘I’ve made a duplicate purchase’ in the ‘Tell us more’ field. If you selected ‘I’ve made a duplicate purchase’ then author should not make delay to give you refund.

By the way if the author didn’t respond and you already made dispute the refund with envato team then please keep patience envato team will investigate and will take necessary step.


Yes the refund is approved. Thank you.