How many hours do you spend on your computer everyday?

Hello everybody,

I think these days I’m working a little bit longer 8 ~ 10 hours. How many hours do you work usaully.


Too many :smile:

About 14 hours on the computer, 2 hours on the tablet, 8 hours in bed. About 100 hours a week in total. It’s not really working though, playing around with space stuff, watching videos, daydreaming, online shopping, envisioning a future filled with evil robots. You know, the usual stuff.

dont forget that your mobile is a computer now ! so the answer is all day ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I usually work 6 ~ 8 hours in a day.


Too many :slight_smile: 10-12 hours, I have two jobs from home, plus I am also a freelancer plus being an author on this market.

I Spend min 18hrs - 22hrs and some times 10days at stretch (continues) :smiley:

All of them