How much time do you spend on a track ?


Out of curiosity, how much time do you spend on a track ?


We already have the same thread.


I just saw that, I apologize, I haven’t seen the other thread. Just wanted to know if I was taking too long for track, really.


It really depends…

i’ve been composing tracks in a couple of hour (i mean, including mixing, mastering, uploading ecc) and other tracks in a week (low inspiration, doubt about instruments, problems about mastering).
I could say 2 days average…
Fun fact: SEVERAL of songs composed in few hours have sold more than other :slight_smile:


I like to ‘sleep on it’, so minimum 2-3 days… if after 3 days still sounds good then I either work more or upload :wink:


One day or two if I don’t have other costum work.
Usually I’d like to sleep on it and then recheck my mixes the next day (in the morning)


It’s depends :blush: sometimes it’s about few hours but I have a track on which I spent 2 months :smiley: my targets was a sound,realism,composition and I do it! :sunglasses: