How long do you have wait for an Author to respond? Can you request an refund from paypal if not received?


I am having an issue with the first ever theme I have ever purchased from Envato, as the Author does not include all the base templates they have stated in the download. When I attempt to install with the One Step Import tool they say to use you get the following messages…

I have six months support with my package and now have been waiting over a month and half for an answer. I am not sure if any of the Envato team uses the forums? That can chase this author as I am not the only one not getting any responses from reading the comments on the theme.

I was also wondering has anyone had any success claiming a refund from PayPal over something purchased on Envato? As this will have to be my next port of call if I do not received support in the next few months from the author, as I think 3 months of 6 months support package with no answer is a decent timescale before reporting it as mis-sold.

Thanks for any responses in advance :+1:

You mean you haven’t got any answer at all or just not a helpful one? Have you tried to send a PM to author (using the form on his profile page)? Also, are you using the latest version of the theme, maybe there was a new update released since your purchase?
Have you tried to install the demo data using the manual import as mentioned in that error message?

But if you are not getting the support, you are well within your rights to ask for a refund, you should however use proper channels to do that, as claiming a refund via PayPal may lead to banning of your account

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Thanks for your quick response on this matter, I have not had any response at all. I have not sent a PM to the Author I didn’t know that was an option. I will try and do that now and see what the outcome is.

I have downloaded the theme that is provided on the download links on the purchase, and on the themes page within Wordpress it is on the latest version of the theme release.

When it comes to the manual import, they have not provided the files to allow you to do this within their zip files. So, I am unable to use this option.

Thanks for the information on the refund practice, I will make sure to use that measure if it comes to it

You won’t see any update notification in the admin unless you are using the Envato Market plugin. However, I’ve just found the theme and it was not updated for almost a year so you are almost certainly using the latest version. I also took a peek into the comments section, and unless the author replies to you within two business days, just ask for a refund as this item seems to be abandoned. You should also send a separate ticket to Envato support to notify them about this. It can speed up your refund process and hopefully they will do something about this item as well as this just sheds a bad light on the whole marketplace.

Also, please do not take this as a victim shaming, but just a general advice for the future: always take a look into item’s comments section (ideally inside author’s other items as well) and check out when was the last time the item was updated before purchase. You can filter most of the bad apples just be doing that.

Just to be clear you bought this on themeforest and not a download from envato elements right?

If so then @LSVRthemes is spot on with the link above

Thanks again will certainly do that in the future

Yeah it was a Themeforest purchase

In which case def follow that link from @LSVRthemes and submit a ticket