How do you increase your sales?

What are some ways that you guys have increased your sales count? Simply having a good item is not enough, especially when no one sees it. In my personal experience when I first started, my sales were far higher, looking at my analytics I can see that my sales are dropping by lot each year, even though my items are vastly better in quality since then, and I’ve even done some paid advertising for them, which has done absolutely nothing except waste money.

Is anyone willing to share some tricks on getting your items more out there for people to see? And maybe even how you convince people that your item is worth buying?

I also post my items on DeviantArt where I have a much bigger following and get way more views, and I think this helps a little bit, but not much.

Market Research Can Increase Your Sell That’s My Opinion.

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Right, but I’m mainly talking about my items that are already available, I know there are ways to get my existing items out there for more people to see, I’m just not sure what those ways are.

Social media marketing is the best free method. The paid method is facebook ad and google adword.

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Hi there,

Here’s my 2 cents on the subject:

I wouldn’t recommend paying for facebook or google ads to get traffic to your market page. Why? Simple because it’s a market and people may get distracted and buy from someone else. Paid advertising should only be used if you have your own website where you sell your stuff since customers would only see your products in that case.


I agree…
If there was a solution to only display the portfolio and profile pages that were advised by google ads, for example, without possibilities of clicking somewhere else (removing the envato header)… it could be great !! You pay only for your items

What about buy sell ads

As far as I know you can’t advertize your Envato account directly by Google Ads (I’m not sure about Facebook) as it increases the competition and the price of the auction. Envato recommends to direct your leads to your own site and only then you can redirect them to your account on Envato.

Yes now a days having a good item with great features is not really worth it.

Summing up short. Search engine optimization and ranking your products SERPS higher can get great results. Proven results as long as your product and those specific keywords are ranked on top most pages in search engines you will be getting organic traffic.

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And so on…

Also please keep sharing and promoting your products globally via social media marketing. Don’t go for paid campaigns, But keep trying and responding to general users comments and concerns in forums, social media groups and also try out classified ads posting. Hope it helps

Google advertisement is also great but the results derived and actual results after spending a lot of $$$$ :slight_smile: in the the end it’s really not worth it.