How to increase the number of sales?

Hi. I’m HTML5 developer and i’m member of this community for 1 year. My main problem is low level of sales. What do you recommend for me to increase the number of sales?


Envato is a great platform for amplifying the effectiveness of the marketing work that authors do for themselves. If you send a few customers to Envato who purchase your theme, Envato’s search algorithm keeps you fresh, and can end up sending a lot of traffic to you.

Some authors get lucky and achieve sales successful immediately, but it’s a lot more reliable to make your own luck :wink:

Of course, building a product that customers want is important, but giving that product visibility externally to Envato is also important too :slight_smile:

Try different things. Get your product reviewed by bloggers or publications, experiment with advertising, create and grow a blog. There’s a lot you can do to take your growth into your own hands. Experiment, make mistakes, learn and adapt.