How do I get support that I paid for?

I paid for support for my and purchased a license for Slider Revolution Word Press app and I still cant figure out how to get help. There is no way to contact anyone with questions. How do I get the support I paid for?

The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author because Item Author are best expert about their Item functionality. Don’t worry just contact Author. Author will be very happy to assist you.
you can go Here direct support page then click “Go to Item support” button.

I did this but when I click on “Go to item support”, then “Create a Ticket” it tells me that “No premium licenses found”

I even have the license number

Did you buy the slider on its own OR a theme which included the slider?

it was part of a theme but then I purchased it today on its own.

The version which came with the theme may have been modified which could create issues.

If you are trying to register the plugin and access support that way then you should be using the standalone copy your bought and the purchase code for that.

If you still can’t get into the author’s support site then I’d suggest leaving a comment on the item page letting them know

Where would I find the “item page”?

You would have received a license key when you purchased the product. That’s very important. Go to support. It will take you to the support website of the vendor there you need to login and add that license key to authenticate

You may have got is for free as a bundle. For free products they don’t give support. You may try to email the vendor