code purchasing doesn't work!

Hi! I bought a purchase code for the slider revolution and the code is not working. I would like some support help. By the way it s the worst support I have seen since I work with wordpress…Its ridiculous…all the premium support that you announce…were is this support! The support is keep reading article until you get piss off! All the link link to the same page all the time and go in circle…no direct support! Its take 1 hrs just to found that if you want some help you need to pass thought this forum! Maybe am wrong but I really piss off with all this…after giving my money to purchase a code. I would like to get a refund please!

Assuming it is a copy of the plugin which you purchased on its own and not that the plugin came bundled with a theme then the author’s support is here. I am also almost certain that details of this and set up for the slider would be in the documentation with the plugin (again assuming it was a copy of the plugin and not a bundled version).

Thanks for you quick reply. Here is my issues…I got the plug in with my theme! I wanted to access the premium template so I buy a purchase code with you guys. I have already set up my slider revolution and know how to use it. I ask some help…and you direct me at the same page support that I browse for 1 hrs with nothing answering my question! So see what I’m talking about when I say where is the support??? There is no articles in the support page who help me with a wrong purchasing code. I copy the right code and it is not working, why? So I need some help or a refund.

In the link above is a button that says “go to item support” which goes directly to the plugin author’s support forum

If you have purchased a license for the slider separately from the one with the theme then you will be able to register here and the author (who coincidentally are very very good )will be able to help.

My guess would be that if you have the bundled copy installed, then the purchase code for the full copy won’t register and that you would need to ensure that the copy you have working on your site is the full version that you bought separately. This said only the author would be able to confirm what needs to be done and I would avoid changing anything until speaking with them.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

In case slider revolution came bundled with theme you can contact the author of theme for the updates the purchase code will not be available in that case, otherwise you should contact revolution slider support directly

I’ve already contacted revolution slider support and they direct me to Envato Market. Now I’m trying with Theme Punch hoping to get some answer! :wink:

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