x theme purchase code does not work

I tried to install x theme but the purchase code does not work. what can I doo in this case?

Are you referring to the theme not working or plugin registration?

It is the registration that does not work. It’s not accepted when I write
it in.

actually, the theme is asking for the purchase licence which is not
the plugin such as slider revolution and cornerstone will then of course
also not work,

Bundled plugins can’t be registered but the theme should not be an issue.

I’d suggest contacting the author https://themeforest.net/item/x-the-theme/5871901/support

Thank you
I just sent a message to the author. actually it is definitively the theme
that is not accepting the purchase code.
I might try to delete the complete page to start allover again, would that
be worthed in your point of view?

I’m not really familiar enough with that theme to comment but it’s a big one so Im sure the author will be on the case quickly