Theme Punch and Envato Support

What do I have to do to get support. It has been three weeks. I have now purchased four or five licenses. I am stuck on an item not working on Revolution Slider and YOUR links from Theme punch to Envato to validate the license purchase for paid support are not working.

Ok, so what “can I do” … I have already set up a blog post and will begin a forum to rate the Support that other are getting? Are they also having the same problem? may have to be the answer.

You can sure take money 100% of the time “fast” … three weeks… WoW! Would you wait to feed your family for three weeks. Would wait for three weeks to get paid? NO!

Was this a standalone plugin or one bundled with a theme?

I will have to check the packages.

I do know that the last four of five … I used the revolution slider “add on” and was directed to Envato.

I am taking screen shots and posting them after redacting the license number on

What I meant was did you buy just the plugins or did you buy themes which included the plugin?

how are you trying to contact them for support? Where are you submitting the query?

It looks like the author replied to you and both answered your questions and explained why here was issues with the support platform?

If you are still having issues then you can always let them know via the same comments (they seem to be replying Very fast).

Ok. So here is what I am going to do.

I am going to start a screen video recording and start off with this email.

Then, I am going to show the link you provided.

I am then going to follow the process and do as they post suggests.

The results of whick I am going to post to facebook, twitter, linked in and other sites.


This is NOT a support forum, nor does it have anything to do with your item by ThemePunch.

If you need support with your theme, you need to contact the theme’s support, not Envato. I’m sure you know by now that you can get this support here:

Should you need Envato support, you can access it at but I don’t see any reason for you to contact them.

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