Slider revolution has disappeared ;-(

I have a webside where I use Slider Revolution.
I saw there was an update for slider revolution - and I told it to “update” - but now the Slider revolution plugin has totally disappered on my webside including all my slideres?!?!?
What to do?

If I cant get it to work and find all my slideres again - can I then reinstall a “old” version of my website to bring everything back again?! And how to do that?


Contact with your item author

This is Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin support link:

This is Slider Revolution Slider Revolution jQuery support link:

Hope they will solved your issue

If they ask about purchase key get key from here

Still have any question open a Envato help from here


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Hi @Lindaandersen

The best way to get this answer is Contact your purchased Layer Slider Author.

Also you can provide screenshots of the issue.

But I can tell you a tips:
reinstall the old version and if luckily you will get the slider working then export the slider. Run this import in your local pc then upgrade the slider and try to import. If you see in upgrade version slider is not showing then edit the slider and try to copy from your local pc. Or create a new one and copy slider content from local pc.

Note: my tips is just a tips please keep everything backup before doing anything.


Thanks for advice…I have written to them and waiting for their support…

On my Envato account it looks like there is missing 2 of my slider revolution purchases?! I know I have bought 4 activation codes - because I have four websides that I use it for?
Why cant I find it in my purchase overview?!

Can I go back to an older version of my website - so that it lookes ok again ? How to do that?

This is your item file download link: or

Here is Slider Revolution support contact with Rev Slider Author

If they ask about purchase code collect from here:

They will give you best solution about your Slider Revolution i think.

You can ask question any time for any reason in Envato Forum.