how can we improve the sales of our works

How can we improve the sales of music works?

Make them good and making them usable within buyers projects. That is the only way of making a sale - of course making them cheap is also a good way although this is no guarantee of making a sale.

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Correction: sales will be for $ 1, but it is almost impossible to earn a decent amount…

You are correct that items sold at $5 will incur a $4 authors fee plus a sellers fee (commission). I worked out that after fees and commission I would only earn $0.87 for a track sold at $5. I did try a $5 price tag but sold only a couple of items. It really is not worth it. Maybe you would have better luck with Elements.

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There are no and never will be my tracks in Elements.
Like tracks for $5.
I did the same for one month. What was my surprise that I sold 5 times more tracks for $5.
But I was even more surprised that at the end of the month with such large sales, I made less money.
Twice smaller.
By the way, your music gballx is very good.
It’s just that the time is now such that it’s difficult to earn something even with good material.
Good luck with your sales!


Thank you very much.

Can I upload only two music per month?

The number of uploads is determined by approval rate for all authors. I can upload 30 music tracks althouigh I could never upload this number in any given month. Quality of item should be your goto not quantity.

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I listened to your portfolio and there is no doubting your muscianship however you need to contribute more generic items for the chance to make sales. Do not copy other works from other authors as like many other authors do. Be original and be consistent in your rate of uploading. You have been a member for a number of years yet your portfolio is very small but do not upload items that are not of quality. You have the talent but it needs to be used wisely and efficiently.

What you said is very helpful to me. Thank you again.

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