How can I test my Plugin with Envato Market Plugin?

Hello, I have only one plugin on CodeCanyon at this moment, but I’m planning to sell several different high quality WordPress plugin and I want to do it the right way.

Here is the question: How can I test if my plugin is compatible with Envato Market Plugin for WordPress and if my customers will be able to update the plugin without re-uploading everything every version change?

I cannot buy my own plugin, so I cannot use my primary account.
I cannot download my own plugin through Envato Market Plugin screen.

The only way I though of is to register a fake account and buy my own plugin using that, but I think that having multiple accounts could be illegitimate.

Does anybody know a better solution?

Thank you in advance.

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As far as I know Envato Market Plugin auto updates the themes only but I’m not sure…

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Yes, I suspected this, I never used the plugin and today in an italian speaking forum someone was asking about updating themes and plugins using EMP. But since I installed EMP it shows me only themes.

Thank you for your answer.


Envato Market plugin auto-updates themes but also plugins:

All you have to do is to include in the main file of your plugin, the file class-envato-market.php which you can download here: (you download it, you include it in your plugin .zip and use an include statement to include it in the main php file of your plugin).


so let’s say your WordPress main plugin php file is my-plugin.php, you’ll have at the beginning of it:

include_once 'class-envato-market.php';

then in the same folder with the file my-plugin.php, you put the file class-envato-market.php and upload it to codecanyon

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Excellent! I want the best user experience for my customers, I’ll add that class in next release, and I’ll figure out a method to test updates.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi, I followed your steps and included file class-envato-market.php, updated plugin. But customers keep seeing ‘install’ button and no updates. Do I need to activate or create something for them to see new updates? i couldn’t find any documentation regarding integrating envato market plugin in own plugin.


Hi Serdar,

From what I know (I’ve tested this with my plugins and other plugins I bought from Envato Market), including the file class-envato-market.php in the main file of your plugin should be enough for the Update button to appear.

Things to check:

  • Are you increasing the version number in the main file of your plugin when you release an update? Might be the cause…

  • Also, if a buyer allows you to check on his website, you should check the WP debug.log file to check for potential error messages (like connection issues, etc) also the browser console for potential error/warning messages.

Hi Hevada,

Thank you for your reply. I did increase the version number and today once more. No error messages in debug or browser console. Weird situation, I do not see the newest version in envato market plugin but the version is correct when manually downloading.

I checked in several client websites.

On the other hand, I had a look at the latest version of Envato Market plugin code on github (2.0.1). And to be honest, I think that with the latest version, the inclusion of the class-envato-market.php file is not even needed anymore in our codecanyon plugins…

On github, in the file class-envato-market-admin.php, I see that they are getting automatically the list of items available for the user by calling the new Envato API with this request URL:

$api_url  = '' ....

then they compare the local version of the plugins with the versions available on codecanyon => showing the update button where neccessary.

Are your buyers using the latest version of the Envato Market plugin?

Hmm, well it doesn’t work, my customers keep seeing the install button and the local version is lower then the version in envato market plugin.

My buyers are using the latest version. Thank you for your answers so far, it’s just weird that it doesn’t work.

Edit: I removed class-envato-market.php in newest version.