Envato Market Plugin v2.0 Released

Today we’re announcing the launch of version 2.0 of the Envato Market Plugin. This release improves stability, fixes a number of bugs, and lays the foundation for future feature releases.

What is the Envato Market Plugin?

The Envato Market Plugin was created a few years ago as a way to help customers validate their purchase and receive updates directly from their WordPress installation. This removed the friction of needing to download an updated item from Envato Market and upload it via FTP. A process that might be cumbersome for less experienced customers.

What’s changed in the Envato Market Plugin?

Along with a UI refresh, version 2.0 of the Envato Market Plugin:

  • Fixes compatibility with the latest WordPress core update that was preventing single item tokens from operating
  • Enables compatibility with the latest version of Envato’s API
  • Fixes JavaScript bugs
  • Improves error reporting when API updates fail
  • Improves code structure to pass the latest WordPress Coding Standard tests
  • Improves the layout of the Envato Market settings and item pages

Where do you access the latest version?

We’ve created a new landing page for the Envato Market Plugin that authors can use to download the plugin. We’ve also made the GitHub repo public so that authors can follow progress, contribute and help us identify any bugs as they implement it in their items.

What should authors do with the plugin?

We would like to see the Envato Market Plugin become the primary update method for WordPress items on Envato Market, especially as we begin to roll out new features. Integrating the Envato Market Plugin into your items helps to create a consistent update experience for customers.

We’ll be monitoring this thread for the next seven days answering questions. Please remember our community guidelines as you post. Thanks!


I have done the update on one of my website, it crash it into a 500 error…
I just reupload the old version, and was ready to go.

Awesome , great news. We will be testing soon.

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Brockway I think it’s to do with your PHP and your mysql version - I just updated it on a client website and got the following error message:

The Envato Market plugin requires PHP version 5.4+, plugin is currently NOT ACTIVE. Please contact the hosting provider to upgrade the version of PHP.

So I am off to chat to the host now!

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Good stuff!

Sorry, but it’s not the answer because i run 7.0. I think it’s a little bit more complicated, but the author already offer some help. Thank you anyway for trying to help :wink:

It’s not very clear how authours can integrate this in their themes/plugins.

Is it enough to include the file inc/class-envato-market-github.php in the theme/plugin folder? Anything else that should be done? I don’t find a developer guide :frowning:


I have issue also with the new Essential Grid update. My website crashed when I updated my plugin. So I need to contact my hosting company and deactivated the plugin then reinstalled the old version. My server said the update has something to do with the SSL conflict.

Amazing News! :sunny: :slight_smile: :clap::clap:

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That is great news!
Hope you will keep this plugin up-to-date. :slight_smile:

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You don’t hardcode it, just add this plugin as recommended for your theme using TGMPA

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Thank you, but I need to include the Envato Market Plugin in my WP plugins, not in a theme :frowning:

We hope to have some in depth developer documentation ready soon. For both theme and plugin authors.


Great work guys! Waiting for developer documentation also - in particular for plugins. Cheers


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