How can I report an author to envato Market?

I wish to report the author " secretlaboratory" I have bought a theme from them more than a year ago ( Wagency - Web Design Company WordPress Theme) and after months of begging there still is no new update on the theme and the theme does not work on any php version higher than version 7.4 which is deprecated! It has become so bad now that even images doesn’t display correctly on the site anymore!

Sorry to say that but the item has been marked compatible with WordPress 5.8.x which requires minimum PHP 7.4 - at this case, there’s nothing you can do even if you report the item.

There’s only one option that you need a freelancer to get the theme updated for the latest WordPress version along with PHP 8+ - in case of help, I’m available, you can contact me anytime.

Hi @Gerrie007,

Please contact the author of your purchased theme and ask them about their update plan to make the theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress and PHP 8.x.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


He already had requested.

@ki-themes please note item’s core compatibility solution should come from the Author of the item, not from a freelancer. Why customer will pay a freelancer for an item’s core compatibility issue?

Freelancer is essential for the customizing (modify/edit) job but Item regular update is the author’s responsibility. If we redirect a customer to a freelancer for the item’s core compatibility issue then we authors will lose the customer’s trust.

I have done that numerous times over the last 6 months with no luck. I have now requested a refund

Hi @Gerrie007 you bought the theme more than a year ago and that tie the theme was compatible with the latest tools but in the present day, the theme needs to update to make it compatible. I believe the author will update the theme very soon to continue the sale of the theme. In your refund request reply ask them for the theme update otherwise refund.

Envato has its refund policy:
Envato Market Refund Rules.


@mgscoder I have asked this from the author over 6 months ago, in fact I believe the first time I contacted the author was almost a year ago and after that I have made several attempts to contact the author about this. I now had to place my website under maintenance as it reflects terrible on my business at the moment and it seems clear that the author has no plans to update the theme at all and I can’t wait any longer as I am busy losing business. I requested a refund so I may purchase a theme that is compatible with the latest versions of wordpress and php. I have been purchasing themes here for 5 years now and even themes I purchased way back then are still being updated today, this is the first time I have ever experienced such terrible service from a so called elite author…really!?

It’s not a recent purchase and the author may decline the refund. Let’s see the response! Better you purchase a theme that is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and PHP. Also should check the author’s all item’s update status and update regularity.

It is still also only compatible with wordpress version 5.8…REALLY???

They better refund me or I will take this to social media and the relevant ombudsman as well as hello peter .com

I agree, it should come from the author. But, there’s also no specific terms/conditions that the author has to update the theme regularly on Envato by the way. It’s author’s choice if they want to update the items or not.

On the item page, it’s been marked as compatible with WordPress 5.8.x only and it hasn’t been updated since then. I don’t think requesting refund would be effective as the item has been downloaded already a year ago and the buyers support is expired already ( He may claim there’s no active support for the item )
Also the item is working with 5.8.x version as advertised.

You could request a refund but I don’t think your request would be accepted by the author and when you raise a dispute, you won’t be meeting with the refund criteria. At that point, you have two options:
You’re gonna find another theme and update the all website or get the theme supported with PHP 8+ by a freelancer.

Good luck!