Not Getting Update from Author

Hi, guys, I am not getting the update from the author of theme what will I do for it.

How to contact an author:

please contact the author and let them know. when they will release (publish) any update then you can collect the update from your download page.


but i am not getting any revert from the author i already mailed the author many times.

I can’t see any buyer badge in your profile. please contact author from the original purchaser account. also you can post a comments in item comments page. hope they will reply.

I alredy used my buyer mail for chatting with author but still he is not replying then i created this id for contact author.

It’s unlikely that the author would reply to another account that is not verified as a buyer.

  • You did you the authors preferred support method?

  • The item is actually supported? (What’s the item link?)

  • You did get the theme from themeforest and not elements?

If there is an updated version of the theme (and assuming you purchased this from themeforest) then you can download it from your themeforest account (login then -

Failing all that and assuming you are within the 6 months support period and this is not an elements download then you can contact envato Envato Market Help and Support

this is the theme that i had purchased from the theme forest and for support i am not getting any update

You can try leaving a comment on the item page (you will need to login using the account which purchased the theme), and again if there is a newer version of the theme you can download this without the author needing to get involved although the change log says the latest update was June 2019 so this seems less likely.

so how will i get in contact with the author as i am unable to install the theme.

How did you contact them when you were using the other account?

The right way would be using the link and info on this page

FYI installation is not typically covered by support however I would expect most authors to help with it

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In case of interest of purchasing the installation service: