How can i buy themes from themeforest dynamically?

Hello everyone,

I am planning to create a web app that uses some of themeforest templates. But since their usage depends on number of user i am getting, i dont know upfront how many times i have purchase that item. I dont want buy extended license as well because i dont know if i ever get a single user. That would be too expensive. So i want buy the item dynamically when my user decide to use that item. Is that possible? Or other solution is i serve that item first then purchase the item manually. I dont know what should i do. I need help.


FYI extends incense is still only one client/website.

There’s no dynamic way to do it - you will have to logon and buy it each time.

It would be much much better for the customers to buy the theme themselves - that way if you part ways they still own the license and support and updates that will otherwise be fixed to your account.

That saves a lot of issues and technically is the right thing to do otherwise they are not getting what they are paying for.

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The only possible way to achieve this, as @charlie4282 suggested, to register/purchase the item manually.

What you can do is to set-up a domain with email forwarded to a main account, whoever wants to purchase the item, you could create an email with the same username (Envato account : username1, email1 : username1@yourdomain ) and purchase the items and transfer Envato user accounts if it’s requested.

If your goal is charging the buyers with your commission fee, otherwise, you can just tell them to purchase the items directly from Envato or you can join Envato affiliates

Thank you for the replies but let me explain my intention more. Think of this app as Wix. When user wants to create a website he choses a template, customizes it then connects domain and good to go. Maybe thousands of people use same template but in the backend Wix uses one template. However serves differently to each user according to their customization.

So your suggestion is make your user buy theme then do whatever you want. But my users never going to use that theme code, in the backend there will be single theme served maybe thousands of people.

These are simple html themes not wordpress. What if i buy the themes manually after my user buy it from my website. I think this should be legal. Because i am adding value to the theme otherwise it is useless to enduser. By the time if i get too many user i buy the whole rights for that theme.

You can’t resell them as is - it would have to be a customise product

The license is not transferable as well as what you’re doing is “re-sale” which is not allowed with the regular license. If we are talking about the WIX-Like purpose, you may need “Extended license” along with author permission as you’re not adding any value to the theme and selling it as it is.

One note that, you cannot re-sale the template or item as “reseller” even though you may have “Extended License”