I want to buy a theme for many clients

Hi Guys,

I want to ask two questions, please clarify,

  1. I am going to create a affiliate account. Once done, I plan to buy particular WordPress theme for many clients from Themeforest . If I buy myself for the client through my own affiliate link, will I get the commission or do I need to create each account and use the affiliate link to get commission.

  2. If I buy one WordPress theme from Themeforest can I use that for many websites?.

Thanks in advance.

In a nutshell no and no.

Affiliates only work if it is a users first visit to envato

Each website/client requires its own license/purchase

So, that mean. I should create new account for each client through my affiliate link and buy any theme. Then, we can get the commission.

correct me if I am wrong.

Not exactly.

You would need the client to come to envato (for the first time ever), and buy in the same visit using one of your affiliate links.

If you create the account first then:
a) this is not technically allowed (sharing access to accounts etc.) and
b) it would not register as a first visit when they come to buy