Does the affiliate system work if I buy the licenses for my clients?

Hello everyone!,
I’m going to start designing websites for clients using a themeforest theme. I understand that for each client I must buy a regular license but if I am the one who buys those licenses, could i benefit from the affiliates?. Could you give me some idea of how to proceed?.
Note: Within my web design fee I want to include the cost of the template and not ask the client to buy it. Thanks in advance.

No - it is based on first visit purchases only.

FYI buying for clients is a questionable decision - they will never be able to access downloads or updates and while you can transfer license use to them, you will not be able to transfer download access to them in the future.

Thre really is very little reason to not have clients buying directly (which could then be affiliate earning) unless someone is keeping the fact it is a template from them (which is really really dangerous)

True, if I buy the template, my clients will not have access to downloads or updates. I had not thought about it. In this sense, it is better for the client to directly buy the template and I could benefit from the affiliate program but I will need to access my client’s envato account, right?.

I do not understand what you explain in the second paragraph, it is not clear to me if you recommend me that buy it from the client or if I should buy it for them (excuse me, my English is not very good yet!).

My idea at the beginning was to avoid the client “tasks” such as buying the domain, the hosting and the template and also to segment the price: web design + domain + hosting + template. I want it to be easy and transparent for the client. Could you give me some advice?.

I’d always say get the client to buy it.

  • you get affiliates

  • they get updates as support even if you part ways. If they are paying for the item then they have every right to that

  • it’s no big deal for them to download and share the files with you

  • if they don’t know it’s a template but then find out it may look bad