Can I do this?


I am wondering if I can be an author selling my themes on themeforest but, if I can also use same user to sell by affiliate? can I do both with same user?


Yes you can.

Hello @GDragoN

First of all thanks for answering so, fast and just one more question can I also do that selling theme as an author and use same on user to also sell by affiliate but, in different domains?

Does it matter at all? Also how sure are you?


I am also an author and I also earn as affiliate through affiliate links. There is no limitation in that regard.

Awesome! But, on different domains or in same domain?


There is no domain limitation in providing affiliate links. You have all information here:

But for example it is allowed for me to sell on my affiliate site selling with my user my own theme there?

Hey codeman1234,

As long as you’re not an exclusive author on the marketplace you can sell your products elsewhere as well. Though, doing this will result in a smaller percentage of the sale amount.

If you’re not an exclusive author on the marketplaces you are allowed to sell your items elsewhere as well.

You can find more about this in Envato’s - Exclusive Author Information Help Page

Cheers! :slight_smile:


But, I want to be an exclusive author, can I do that if I am one? Because is not clear to me.


If you’re exclusive then you can’t sell your files anywhere other than envato.

You could link to them from your site and promote them there but the actual selling/purchase needs to be on envato

But, I am not selling it, I am doing affiliation to it so, it takes buyer to themeforest like any affiliation system.

What I am asking here is if I can make affiliation of my own product on my affiliate website.


I don’t see why not if it is just advertising for people to buy it on here, but I do not use affiliates so maybe someone like @Enabled or @GDragoN can confirm this

Yep! That’s all good from what I know The best way to avoid any legal issue is to ask Envato Support they can at least give you a definitive answer on the matter!


Ok thanks I will do!

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