Question about exclusive author requirement


I am just wondering about the requirement of exclusive author when creating an author account, my question is very simple when I became an exclusive author for envato market this means that I cannot sell themes in other market place correct? But, what about free themes are we allowed to create free themes for Word Press Directory or Drupal or etc? Since this are free this is allowed correct? Can someone please confirm this to me.

Also, when been an exclusive author for what I read I cannot sell on my website either so, how I am supposed to do this on my website when listing themes for theme information I link to theme profile on themeforest?



“Exclusive” means you can’t sell the SAME theme (plugin, etc.) on another marketplace or offer it for free elsewhere, but you are still allowed to sell OTHER theme’s (plugins, etc.) on different marketplaces or give them away for free. Basically, the “exclusive” part refers to the item(s) you sell on Envato, and not you as an author.

Ahhhhhhhh Ok, that makes lot more sense, thanks a lot for clearing this out because for what I understanded was that I was an exclusive author for envato.

Thanks for clearing it for me, and about second question is for example I sell a theme called “Supertheme” and I listed on my website how I should show this on my website so this “Exclusive Rule” is followed correctly? Listing thumnail and on more theme info link send it to themeforest theme profile?

You just have to link back into TF for the purposes of someone purchasing the file

Ok perfect so, doing it like here:

Like this is fine right?


Exactly - as long as you cannot purchase it elsewhere that’s fine

Perfect, thanks! for clearing up since was a bit confusing!

Have a good day!

Sorry for reopening this thread but, I got one more question on the same matter which is the following:

Is it possible to do 2 versions of a theme one Lite version and other Premium version and Lite version you put it on for example and the Premium version you put it on Themeforest? Keep in mind that Lite version is free version of theme and Premium version would be the item to sell which will be only be sold in themeforest.

Is this allowed to do? If not what options would I have?

Thanks again!

Envato do allow exclusive authors to upload lite versions of their items on other marketplaces or give them away, only if the lite versions meet their criteria of lite versions. So it’s risky to publish lite version of your item somewhere without letting Envato take a look at your lite version.
Take a look at this article for more information.
I hope you find this helpful :slight_smile: