Selling exclusively on Envato while selling on other markets


I will be submitting my work soon on TF and I want to know can I sell items (as an exclusive author) that are not on Envato market on other markets (like Solopine sells their themes on Creative Market but still remains an exclusive author on TF)?

Does the Exclusive Author mean that I can’t sell my works on other markets or that I can’t sell only the works that are already on Themeforest? Eg. If a theme is rejected can I sell it on other markets without losing exclusive status?

Exclusive authors cannot sell the same themes which they sell here on another marketplace.

If you are not selling it here then you can do what you want elsewhere

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Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

the items that you upload on themeforest shouldn’t be found anywhere else.

So if you have 2 items
1 item you upload to themeforest and the other one somewhere else, then is ok. As long as you don’t sell the same item in 2 places.

Ok, makes sense :slight_smile: