Can I sell product that is waiting in queue on TF?

Everyone knows that queue for review is longer and longer with every month.

Is there some official rules that prohibit selling work which is waiting for review on other markets ? I read all regulations and there is no such recording.

I don’t think thr will any issue if you sell your theme when its in queue because its not on Themeforest so you are free to sell it elsewhere but you better ask to envato support for it

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THX … support will take even more time :smiley:

Sure you can.

Yes, you can sell the theme out of Themeforest until it list on themeforest

I don’t think that its allowed, because if you are an exclusive author, you have to upload the unique items, in your case, if you sold the item before it was approved for sale at themeforest, your item can’t be considered as unique.

I do not upload it earlier on TF … and if ( but I don’t think so after 15th different themes rejected ) TF will accept my item I will sell it exclusivly on TF.

You can’t upload the items to TF exclusively if you sold them before on other websites.

Sells exclusively … there is no sentence about product.

ps. You know how many “elite authors” sell their items of different shops? I would shot 40%

They can sell only the items that are not available for sale at themeforest exclusively. If they do that, then it may lead to account suspension. Maybe you missed something while checking those authors portfolio.

No, I had few accounts in here and ninja badgage :slight_smile: There is one biggest cheater in here, of course I won’t say it loud , but envato should after 4-5 tickets susspend him - but he earn over 750.000$ and have few accounts in here … so what can they do … remove user who earn so much? :slight_smile:

Yes, the rules and terms are common for all the users even if they generated 750K. Envato can send the warnings, or ask that author to remove those items… There are a lot of ways to resolve the issue.

If i understand correct. Exclusivity means that you sell certain item here only. If you want to sell certain item which you sell trough different marketplaces you must delete it from all marketplaces and then upload here. Am i right?

So did you report to support team about this cheater?

Many times … no reaction like susspend account. Just gave me ninja badge :wink:

This is absolutely unfair!!! How can it possible?

It sounds really odd.

oh yeah… really weird things.

Exclusivity relates to items that are for sale on the Envato marketplaces. Being in the queue doesn’t count. So if the item is not live on the site, then you can sell it wherever and however you like. BUT… if it’s listed somewhere else and it’s in the queue, the second it gets approved you’d be breaching the terms of the exclusivity agreement. You might be primed and ready to take your item down from the other sites, but what if you’re asleep, being held hostage, in jail for crimes you didn’t commit etc etc?

Although it’s unlikely you’d get banned from the marketplace if there was a 60 second overlap from your item being approved and it being taken down from other sites, life is never quite that straightforward, and Envato would be within their rights to show you the door. Sure, you could take the item down before it’s approved, but there’s no way to know when that would be, or even if the item will be accepted by Envato.

I wouldn’t risk it.

So, you want to say that I’m allowed to sell the items on different markeplaces, then remove them and submit to themeforest exclusively?