Delete item from Themeforest and sell it in my own website

Hi guys,

I want to ask about removing some of my themes and re-sell it on my own website … is that will affect on Envato exclusivity (i will be a non-exclusive author) ??

You can delete and re sell. No problem you will be exclusive

Based on rules, this is OK.

If you delete item from ThemeForest and resell on your website you will remain Exclusive author.

But if you keep item on themeForest and sale that on your website seprately as well then you will have to change yourself from exclusive to no exclusive author yourself, to avoid any problems with Envato copyrights.

My Suggestion would be dont delete your items, its very hard to get them accepted on TF first change your self to non Exclusive, and start selling your items on your website, if you get good sales, that’s good delete them from TF and get again yourself Exclusive for remaining items. But if you dont get enough sales, then delete from your site and get exclusive again on tf