How can Envato Approve Deleted item again. Its Against the Policy


Envato is approved deleted item. It is against the POLICY. How can Envato approve it.

It should be delete. @collis @emiluzelac

I open the ticket and mention all details in Ticket ID 615410.

I dont want to write item and author name here it will against the forum policy. We follow policy so Envato also must follow policy.


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There’s thousands of items approved every week, so sometimes it’s possible to miss things… and I’m not too sure what process they use to identify items that have been deleted previously, especially if item names and the like are changed. But still, I’m sure your ticket will be followed up on soon.

But the item who get popularity must come in eyes of other author so I must say the item name I mention in the ticket must get deleted soon. I give all proofs as well.


@SpaceStockFootage I agree with you. But if anyone is complaining so you must remove the item if its true.

We authors are here to make the market BIG & Clean.

I hope you remove item which mention in the ticket if it is write.


So do you mean the item is in weekly top sellers list?

Yes, The item is in Popular and getting 100 sales a week. So every author see popular item I see it and shocked that deleted item uploaded again so I complaint it and open the ticket. I hope Envato must delete it. I hope @collis must look himself.


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Just to be 100% sure - it is the same category right and not the same file in a different format?

If so was it definitely removed and not just temporarily disabled for some reason?

Did it reappear on the home page or just in popular page?

@charlie4282 They change the category from corporate to woocommerce. When first uploaded so it was 100% same. But time to time they put new features. Because they want to make more buyers.

But putting new functionality is not mean that you deleted item can accept. But when it approve 100% same.

Check the ticket ID I give above 615410


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Unfortunately I can’t view support tickets. If they’ve added woocommerce I have seen that happen before. I agree with you that it should require a lot more changes than just that and it’s not common.

Has it shown up on the home feed as an entirely new item?

Its Old item but when i see in popular so i shocked and complaint it. I want this item to delete I put all the details and proofs.


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Is it the same author or different?

If it didn’t show up on the home feed then it hasn’t been approved by envato as a new file and could have been temporarily disabled (bug fixing, updates etc) and re-activated.

There’s nothing wrong with them doing that.

If it shows on the home page again and old buyers don’t have access to it anymore then that is different.

I do not think the item should be deleted.
If it is there, there is a reason, minnor changes or what else that could have been done.

We have to support the items and if something does sales, means people need it.
If people need it, leave it to do sales.

We need items that generate revenue in the marketplace. Lets not be crazy for people.

Also, the guy who created the ticket, skyped me to post so the topic grabs attention.

Lets everyone relax, and look how to get better not how to have someone deleted.

Its OLD item and having many sales. so deleted item approved again means it can be not approve again and what ever the condition is it can be remove from Envato.

I think concerned authority will see.


It doesnt matter.
It might not have been deleted but withdraw from the author, for specific reasons.

Porto ( which you are reffering at ) is one of the top themes and also a competitor of your themes, when you post with fake username.

Relax, and better find ways to sell rather than send trash to others.

So it’s just a theme upgrade - same file just extended to include commerce a couple of months ago but not created or submitted as a new item.

Loads of authors do this - it’s mutually beneficial to both authors and buyers.

@charlie4282 You are not getting it I open the ticket its not your task you are moderator on forum.

Concerned staff will look the ticket.


In which case If it’s a support matter to investigate, I will close the thread to prevent further confusion. Thanks

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