Very bad experience with Envato support

one month ago I messaged envato support about removing an old item and submit it again the support agent told me that he can remove the item temporarily until I submit an update for it so I asked him is that’s mean you can sort the item on the first page again ? otherwise the updates for it will be useless since it’s on the page 18 his answer was “It will most likely be on the first page” I took his message as a guarantee the item will be on the first page again after the update so I spend one month working on updates for the item new design more than 20 new and creative demos a lot of new settings and after all of this the item is still on the page 18 and no one knows about these updates :frowning:

My solution is submitting other version for the item one with the new updates and the old one ? Is that’s acceptable ?

It’s pretty common knowledge that you cannot get the same item back on the homepage under any circumstances (otherwise people would just exploit this endlessly) so not sure if maybe support was confused by what you meant?

Second to this;

  • once removed, you can’t resubmit an item. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

  • you won’t be able to upload it as a new term unless it is dramatically different.

Without knowing what the updates are it’s hard to judge but they would need to be as though it’s a new item entirely which is quite difficult with just updates

Yes I know you can’t get the item on the homepage again I asked to remove the item for this reason however I didn’t do this since the supporter said it will most likely be on the first page.

Second the new updates includes:

  • Around 18 new demo
  • Woocommerce support
  • Portfolio support
  • New layouts
  • New grid system
  • New plugins
  • New demo importer

I only used the old theme assets like branding name, logo…etc Now I can’t even submit the new updates with new item since they are already on the market with the old one you can look at the second item in my portfolio