Why is my item rejected?

Hi everyone,

An item is approved by another account, and developed & designed by me.
But when I stopped collaborating, the author who uploaded my previous thread also removed it.
I reuploaded and got hard rejected, that’s all.


Generally, if an item is deleted, it cannot be resubmitted.
Did you let the reviewer know about the situation?

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I also texted, and said it’s my theme, designed & developed by me.

Author that I work with, they also agreed to hide the item, and approved.

You would definitely have to talk to support but the author terms does state that once removed an item cannot be resubmitted

Otherwise this would allow (less authentic authors) to manipulate the system, remove bad reviews, get front page exposure multiple times etc.

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Do you have a way for me to contact the support team,

Thank you so much.

Try this - Envato Author Support

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