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Hi all,
Houzes promises instalation and customization if coding is not needed. But it passed 2 days when I sent a request to support. No answer. So, why Envato doesn’t check the quality of the products it sells?

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Contact with our purchase item author @favethemes right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Thank you. I contacted author https://forums.envato.com/u/favethemes 2 days ago and I contacted suport a week ago and 5 days ago but no result. No answer. I wanted to purchase the theme Houzez and was ready to pay for customization even though it’s free as author promises. I read the comments on your link and as far as I understand this theme has no working real support. Many clients cannot get an answer and help from support. I don’t understand why Envato sells themes that have no support, although it guarantees 6 months of support

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So just to clarify -

They is a 5 star theme from a power elite author @favethemes. It’s highly unlikely that they would be offering a sub-standard item

Where does it say they offer free installation and free customisation? Can you share a link?

The author seems to have been replying pretty much daily in the comments, but weekends don’t count.

When you mention contacting “support” - do you mean envato support? Their turn around time can be several days (again not including weekends) but unfortunately would not be able to offer any advice or help with theme related queries.

Edit: the author has responded to your comment https://themeforest.net/item/houzez-real-estate-wordpress-theme/15752549/comments

I contacted Houzez suport with form on site and by email



By the way, they remooved my post

I can’t see the original post but based on the above they probably flagged it for suggesting that Envato should check files like this when it has a perfect rating, and not replying on a weekend is perfectly acceptable.

That said they can’t actually remove the comment (only Envato can do that) so it will be checked

The link you shared only says they will ‘help’ this is not the same as ‘will DO IT for free’ - that could be as simple as saying that it requires changes to the CSS or something similar.

Technically they should not be offering to install it for free even.