Premium Theme Not Functioning

Hello, Envato this premium theme “Houzez” is not functioning at all on my website “” I have sent a ticket to the theme company and they didn’t reply to my email.

I’m struggling with the theme and I have a deadline to meet, pls help reach out to them, so that they can help fix the issue else I will believe Envato is not a safe market place to buy themes and all as the bad boys have also taken advantage of the platform to sell fake themes.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


As you have already sent them/opened help ticket hope they will reply soon.

I can’t find any of your comment in theme comments. In the mean time you can post a comment in theme comment page here:

to let the author know that you need support and already opened help ticket.


I’m not sure it’s a problem of Envato. I couldn’t install a premium theme for my website neither. But I realized it’s a problem with the way I instaled the theme on my PC. So, sometimes you just need to make everything from the very beginning to understand what the problem was in.