Hip Hop beat Rejected. Could you give me some help please?


Hi friends,

Just got a hard reject on my hip hop beat and I really dont understand why, It’s commerical, very usable as background music and uses high quality libraries and vintage vinyl sounds.

Any tips what could be wrong with my track? Maybe they don’t like the intro room reverb effect, or the static vintage vinyl noises although thats very common in hip hop beats. But then why no soft reject?

Here is the track I uploaded to audiojungle

And here is a mix I did with vocals from eminem (lose yourself)

Thanks for your help guys!


I like the intro, I think it works and is probably not the reason for rejection - I would guess it’s the brass sound. Every other instrument sounds great, decent samples, nicely produced, but the brass sound is kinda piercing and a bit cheap sounding.

That’s not a criticism of your composition, more of that particular soft synth. Brass is always a tricky one to get right, especially as a solo instrument, I often have the same problem and end up not using any brass at all!

Hope that helps!


Thanks a lot for your comment, The brass sound is actually a real trumpet (solo). maybe changing it to a more layed brass section will improve it. I’ll get back in the studio and change this one first.



In my opinion this track sounds great and in this content brass sounds nice but I think track not so commercial at this version as you think. First of all I would make it shorter… about 1:30-2:00 probably.


Thx for your comment grivanov so i guess making it shorter will improve the chance of getting accepted? Anthing else?


Haha, my bad! In that case maybe it just needs rerecording or mixing a bit differently to make it less harsh?


No problem at all :smile: I am happy with all feedback to potentially improve my track! Thanks for taking the time buddy! :wink:


Anyone else any ideas why it has been rejected? I really would like this track to be accepted. I spend a lot of time in the studio creating this track and fine tuning the sounds. What can I do?

Thanks guys!


TBH any ideas here are just a guess, as we have no idea what the reviewer thought, I am surprised its hard rejected though. I wouldn’t have a comb filters intro like that for so long on a library track but if thats the reason it could have been fixed. As tough as it sounds move on and don’t try and analyse it too much.


It’s really too long for commercial use. Leave only the catchy moments. I can not say anything about the arrangement as it is hip hop …this style gives you a very large range to the imagination of the samples and instruments used. In the old days, I did a lot of rap for profy rappers and so I know what I’m saying. :smirk: By the way, now I have axactly hip hop track Submitted 1 day ago but my more funny and dynamic. Waiting for the results. :confused:


I don’t know about the reviewer or why it was rejected, but i think i can be of use to you with some constructive suggestions!
Brass sounds really cheap, the bass is way louder than the other instruments… After all the mix probably was the reason the reviewer rejected the file!
The kick already has some heavy bass in it, so you really have to introduce the bassline smoothly in the mix!
The beat has potential though, broski, so good luck with all of you hip hop endeavours!


Thanks a lot guys I took all your comments in considertation and changed the following things

  • Deleted the intro and made the track shorter
  • Lowered the volume of the bass sound
  • Replaced the trumpet solo with a more softer synth
  • Added soft background vocals
  • Added claps

I re-uploaded the new track today, Thanks again @Grivanov @SkylineAudio @ChoclateFix @Jukebox_Audio


I think it is really good. Works well with lose yourself. Well done!


Thx @petermayhew! Much appreciated!:grinning:


Ok ! Now waiting for review together ! :grinning:


the brass is the main problems, i too had some rejected track with brass in it , and maybe some breaks and variation might help or shorten the track.


About brass… I did not use brass sounds (you know why) till I upgraded to NI Komplete 10 Ultimate with SessionHornsPro…But as I wrote earlier in this style it is not a big problem.


It actually contains the trumpet from session horns pro😉


Hello Marti_Bros_Audio_Pro!
I think the problem is the glut (reverb).
Try to compare your track with other tracks on audiojungle. In a related genre!
It helps to navigate.
I wish you all the best! :hand:


Sounds nice and I heard a lot of beats worst than this. Perhaps I imagine it with MC, with voices and then the brass is perfectly, not naturally sound but perfectly with the rest. Audiojungle likes less reverb, more presence :wink: