Rejected track! Please help!

Hello all! I produced an upbeat hiphop track that’s been rejected. Any advice would be helpful, thanks!

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I love it. Definitely commercially viable. The only thing that might’ve thrown the reviewer off would be the horn section. I think you could remove/edit a couple of staccato-ed notes and/or process the horns to sound a bit more real and like they’re played by a real horn player, but for a track like this I wouldn’t really care as long as it sounds and feels good. Deserves at least one soft rejection edit in my opinion.


Thanks for the constructive criticism and kind comments!

Woah i would approve that, keep your head up and keep bringing more jams like this, as of the advice i think ToneCrate got that part.

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Always looking forward! Thanks so much for feedback!

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I really dig this man! Nothing wrong with it at all.

One thing springs to mind, l think at least two of those samples might need clearance and l’m guessing you already have the clearance so maybe you could convey that in a note to the reviewer?

  • 00:29 and later: Ubiquitous “ah yeah!” sample was Jazzy B, as he spoke the words on “Back to Life” (can’t find the right version) & “Get A Life”. You can hear it on JT & the Big Family’s “Moments in Soul”.

  • 00:31 and later e.g. also 1:39 : Sounds like a widely used sample from Nairobi - Funky Soul Makossa

Used a lot in dance music