Feedback on Hard Reject - Hip Hop

So I recently had this track hard rejected and I’m not sure where I got it wrong. I’m having a little bit of trouble to keep uploading constantly since many of my tracks are getting rejected. If anyone can give me some tips or feedback that would be much appreciated, cause I’m really looking to improve my work here on Audiojungle in any way possible.

Here is the song in question. It’s a hip hop track inspired by this lo-fi style that has been trending lately.


I don’t like “Hats” it stands out a lot. But I often hear that on Aj. The track is nice, there are tracks that are performed much worse, but are in the store… :sweat:

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-Drums could have some variations, specially hats (also too loud in my opinion). Listen to top trap / hip hop beats and take inspiration from how they program drums (breaks, fills, filters, pitch, special effects, transitions, etc)

-I think structure and arrangement could be more dynamic and have more contrast. It feels a little bit monotonous ( try new instruments in and out, breaks, special effects, whooshes, etc).

Having just the piano is not enough. I hear vocal chops/samples on top of it, a lead melody, chord stacks, etc.

I hope it helps!


yes “lo-fi” is a trend, and I am myself trying things in this genre … but… I don’t hear any “lo-fi” at all here ?! Fast and bright hats, bright piano, for sure this is not lo-fi.

But then, I don’t really hear any hip-hop… To give this hiphop feel, you should use another drum pattern. It can be really really basic, but immediately convey the “hiphop” feel.

So this is not “Hiphop” and not “Lofi”, but this is not the cause of rejection I guess.

Maybe the hats stand out too much, the piano is a bit too agressive and repetitive, and @MarscottMusic has said it all I guess.

There are tons of good hiphop on AJ, mine is not the best, but still, if you feel like it, you can check it, this is the main genre I am releasing on my very small portfolio. :slight_smile:

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Well, I listened a second time to the track, and I am sure that by getting rid of this hats, and totally changing the drum pattern and go for a classic boom bap hiphop pattern, it will work much better:

[ kick (and) snare (and) kick kick snare (and) ]
and from time to time you ki-kick instead of kick :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I listened it again and I have the same feelings about the hats, maybe I gave too much attention to them in the song. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and sorry for the delay to reply.

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Thanks for the review, I really feel need to work on the transitions and fills in fact, gonna give more attention to that!

I got a lo-fi feel from this track mainly because of the chord progression which sounds kinda soulful, but I get your point. By the way, I took a look at your portfolio and it’s very good, gonna see if some inspiration sparks, thanks for the reply!

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Thanks, talking about lo-fi, if you checked my last track, it is what I really call a “lo fi hiphop” track… you’ll immediately understand what I mean :slight_smile: