Looking For Advice for Rejected Item

Hello everyone:

I submitted a Motivational Orchestral Hip Hop track and recently received the following message from AudioJungle: “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

I’m guessing that part of the rejection was because of the sound selection and/or the quality of the instrument samples. Would love to receive some feedback and advice to help me improve. Below I posted a Soundcloud link to the track that was rejected. Thanks for your time and thanks for your help!


Definitely a big part of it, also the programming is very “robotic” sounds like you are running on full velocity 100% of the time. Get some better sounds and give your parts some more realism so that they help to accentuate the groove (which isn’t bad) and you’ll be 90% there. The other 10% is getting a mix that has a better balance. Listen to some references of recently accepted tracks.

The ideas are solid you just need some better execution.


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Thanks man!!! I really appreciate the advice! Sometimes I forget how much changing and varying the velocity can help make the sound more authentic and less programmed. I’m also looking into buying some better sounds. Especially orchestral. And after listening to some of the orchestral hip hop tracks on AJ, I can hear were I can improve my mixing. Thanks again man! I really appreciate your time and advice! I hope all is well!


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Totally agree with orbiterred! Also, I would recommend you to use a midi keyboard to make your instruments sounds realistic. Main idea is interesting, keep going bro!

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Thank you @Turpak! Yea it’s seeming like getting more of the realistic/authentic sound in the samples seems to be one of the main fixes that I have to work on. Thanks for you feedback and I really appreciate it!