First submission ever. Hard Rejected. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I am fairly new to music production. This is the first track I have submitted and it got hard rejected. I just wanted to understand if it is a mixing issue or an arrangement problem or something else. Would really appreciate any feedback on the track.

I think the issue is probably mixing. To me the track sounds a bit muddy. You have a lot of instruments that are very mid-heavy and they all are mixed pretty loud compared to anything else. In the main sections of the song all of them are playing at the same time and it just kind of all blurs together.

If it were me I would lower the volume of most of those sounds and raise the volume of the percussion and low frequency elements. Sub bass, kick drum, and snare needs to be louder in a hip hop beat like this in my opinion. Let the percussion and bass drive the groove and let the instruments and chords/melodies support the beat, not the other way around.

Also to me it sounds like some of these chords and lead sounds are a little out of tune. Like those brass chords at the beginning, and then the trombone sound that enters a little later. Might be just me but that C in the trombone sounds painfully flat.

Slightly out of tune can actually work in a hip hop beat if done well, but here (at least to my ears) it’s too out of tune and the production quality isn’t high enough to make it sound like an artistic choice… instead it sounds just like the player performed it out of tune.

Last but not least (and again this is just my opinion) but I feel like in a track like this your sub bass should be mono. Your sub here is really wide and while that sounds good in headphones it lacks power. In fact that goes for the mix in general, it’s really wide and there’s not enough elements in the center so it all just sounds a little washed out.

I know this is a lot so I hope it doesn’t come across as harsh. Just trying to give as good advice as I can.

You have a lot of good ideas, but the execution could be better.

With that I mean work on the melody, mixing and sample selection.

Look at some youtube videos about mixing. From for example “Produce like a Pro” or “Recording Revolution” (my recommendations, and what has helped my music)

Maybe a bit harsh, but if you focus on that you will get there with time.

Thank you so much. It is really helpful for a newbie like me.

Thanks a lot. I guess I have to work a lot on my production skills before putting stuff out.