Hi! I need your opinion about this rejected track! Please Help!


The track is too non-standard, it is very difficult to highlight some points for correction. make music easy to understand.pay attention to harmony. use tools that are more like real (Guitar).

Hi MusGasm. If I was making a video that required this kind of music, I wouldn’t need over 9 minutes of it. That’s probably one of the reasons AJ rejected it. You could cut this down to around 2 minutes as it’s mostly repeating the same motifs.

It starts well and I like the rhythm that comes in at 0:24. I’m not keen on the melody that comes in at 0:32. I’m not sure if it’s just the sound, or the melody its self but it sounds a bit cheesy. I like the repeating bass notes at 1:28 and again at 1:36. It was at this point that I was hoping for the song to evolve, but I was disappointed when it reverted back to the original melody.

My ears get tired of hearing the same piano runs throughout. The piano is a bit cheap sounding. I feel like the track needs to progress. It feels like after 1:30, all the ideas have been presented and then they just repeat in different orders and variations. A simple break in there somewhere might suffice, or at least a section that is noticeably different.

Thank you! Your opinions are very important for me! I’ll try to remake this track >

You are right about time, but i got a track approved with 10:36 minutes. And it sold 10 times!! :joy:
In the other hand, it is an ambient soundscape style, I think it was approved for that.
And this happenned more than two years ago…

If a person uses music for video for 8 minutes, does he prefer one long track or several different short ones?