Hard rejected track! Need help!

Hey guys, pls check out this track whats wrong?

  • The intro is ok for me, but that guitar doesn´t sound good.
  • I was expecting some more that can put those piano notes in the background, they become very monotonous in the front all the time.
  • There are some strange sounds and some of them are out of tempo.
  • The second part is better.
  • You need a better mix and mastering.
  • The end is too much abrupt.


  1. It seems not enough development, everything is too equal.
  2. The sound does not look quite commercial. Try to use references from the best tracks of this genre when mixing.

Good luck!

Thank you bro!

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Thank you very much!

I often wonder how, after a long work with track, I can’t hear the obvious mistakes!

The same Piano lick repeats a few too many times for my liking.

Thank you!