This item was rejected, need feedback. Thank you very much!

Hello. What could be the reason for the rejection of this track? Thanks for the constructive answers.

Hi! I think all that until 1: 37 in this track need not. the melody of the music does not change in the first part at all and because of this lost interestingness. Try to make it shorter. perhaps will help. From 1: 37 to the end more interesting

Or maybe it´s time to change the template. :wink: :rofl:

Thank you for your opinion. Yes, I think it will be more interesting.))

hmm. Thanks.

You need to add more instruments progressively till the end. Intensity needs to vary otherwise it sounds repetitive and it lack of direction. Now it sounds like you have just half of the layers that it needs. Before the end I would add strings, piano etc. and add progressively more percussion. Add a snare ( or clap). You could add the snare at 0:40 and double it with a clap sound at 1:40 by exemple with dense reverb. This, plus strings or a deep synth pad would add impact and deepnest near the end. I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!